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Raven News

  • 25 Aug 2021 10:06 AM | Graham Donald (Administrator)

    Susan Kanitz had been a fixture around the lake and the RLCA Board for so many years that selling her cottage two years ago caught many Ravens by surprise. Understandable, perhaps, since husband Gil had passed away several years before and managing a cottage alone is no easy task, but still... after all, the Kanitz family has been a mainstay on the lake since the late 1950s.

    Susan’s ready smile and easy laugh put everyone at ease, be that at the landing, regatta, AGM or, if you were really lucky, on Mona Bay for some Kanitz fine dining. She and Gil loved to entertain, to cruise the lake at sunset, and while Gil spent his summers building additions, docks and stock-piling firewood, Susan found multiple ways to engage with the lake community. An inspiring teacher by profession (I know; I worked with both Susan and Gil) and avid canoeist and nature lover by avocation, she served as RLCA secretary during the critical Lake Planning years. Her work there, like everything she did, was exemplary. While preferring to keep out of the limelight, she was willing to step forward and speak up as needed. Considerate, generous, patient and a clear thinker in all matters, she instilled in her family the fine art of Raven cottaging. It is difficult to imagine Raven Lake without her and her family.

    We lost Susan in June after a difficult year. Daughter Hilary wanted to let everyone who helped the Kanitz family carry on cottaging in Gil’s absence know how much Susan appreciated their help. Such was Susan, the consummate giver, always surprised by kindnesses offered her. Raven Lake says thank you, Susan, one last time and extends its most sincere condolences to your family.

         – Harry Wilson

  • 18 Aug 2021 7:00 PM | Graham Donald (Administrator)

    The RLCA Annual General Meeting is being held Wednesday, August 18th, at 7-8 PM.

    To ensure everyone's safety (including those with children and others who are ineligible for vaccinations) and also to allow access for those unable to get to the lake, we will be again holding the meeting virtually via Zoom.

    To participate in the meeting, click here to register. If you do not have a reliable internet connection, you will be able to join via telephone (please note: phone-only participants will be able to listen, but not provide input during the meeting).

    You will receive details about how to connect to the meeting from Zoom after you register.

  • 18 Jul 2021 8:07 PM | Graham Donald (Administrator)

    MacDermid roots are deep in our Raven Lake community, and none deeper than Jack’s. We lost Jack this past week, and while things just won’t be the same without him, we will all continue to benefit enormously from his 54 years on the lake. His legacy is everywhere.

    Jack was an RLCA director and the Association’s “buoy fairy” for many years. He knew every inch of the lake from years of discovering and marking shoals, and while out dropping buoys he was as likely to stop by for a chat as drive by. His kids and grandkids are the same way. Jack was up for everything: fishing, water-skiing into his 80s, regattas, jetskiing, snowmobiling, Ravenstocks, corn roasts, Jack was always there, smiling quietly… His big tinnie with Hilda in the bow announced that the family was back on the lake and everyone knew if a situation arose on the lake, they would be there to help. That family trait lives on today.

    Hilda and Jack built their cliff cottage in 1967 as a “Centennial Project”, erecting first the shed down at the shore so the family of four had some place to sleep while Jack built. No doubt John learned a great deal from that experience. Jack came by his pioneering spirit honestly; growing up on a farm near Cornwall where, if something needed fixing, you fixed it; if someone needed help, you helped them. A close friend and neighbour for 46 years describes Jack as the nicest man he ever met: “He never boasted. A true BFF. Always friendly, generous and welcoming, a man who left the fish he caught in the lake for someone else to catch tomorrow. The very model of the Raven Lake Spirit.” That spirit shines bright in so many that Jack touched, most strikingly in his kids and grandkids.

    We will all remember Jack in different ways, but for many his quick smile and concern for our community will come to mind every time they pass one of the yellow minion buoys wearing those silly goggles. “What a wonderful lake!” we muse, as an inescapable smile begins… and that’s exactly the way Jack would want it.

    –– Harry Wilson

  • 21 Jun 2021 2:15 PM | Graham Donald (Administrator)

    Raven Lake has lost a true legend.

    Dunc Johnston was one of a kind, which we are not likely to see again. It is truly the end of an era on Raven.

    Dunc travelled the lake summer and winter since 1968; he was as familiar as the Raven Rock.

    With his beautiful wife Jean by his side, they added several additions to their cabin purchased from parents of a friend.

    They built a wonderful “home away from home” for their children Paul (Leslie) and Karen (Doug). As well as their 4 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. Who love spending their time in his happy place.

    Dunc touched so many lives around Raven Lake. Always willing to lend a hand, fix cottages, build decks, docks, and outhouses. Or just run people down the lake to their cottage on a Friday night.

    We will remember him roaring down the lake in one of his three pontoon boats he built, with a home rolled cigarette burning in the wind.

    The Raven Lake Rum Runners will forever know him as our Grand Poobah (Wizard). His tireless spark would encourage all of us to follow his footsteps. With fundraisers, beach parties, Radar Runs, Triathlons, and everything else in between, he knew how to bring our group together. Just hanging out on his beach in the summer or late night winter hangouts in the boathouse. It was always lots of laughs and good times with Dunc leading the pack. The Rum Runners will forever keep his legacy alive.

    We are sure Dunc is together with the other Rum Runners who passed before him and they are sending cheers our way with a glass full. Please raise your glass to the sky and send cheers back to them!

    Rest easy Zip, you will be missed!

    – Love, Katie Van Pelt

  • 21 Jun 2021 9:13 AM | Graham Donald (Administrator)

    We are organizing to have a barge on the lake from July 26 to August 6 to pump out septic systems. Several people have already expressed an interest. If you would also like to join in, please send an email to with your full name, phone number and lake lot number before June 24th. The contractor has quoted a price of $1,000 - $1,250 per tank, depending on total numbers. You’ll need to be sure you’ve had your septic inspection completed prior to the pump out date.

  • 20 Jun 2021 3:28 PM | Graham Donald (Administrator)

    It's here and it's bigger and better than ever!

    Download your 2021 Raven Lake Cottagers' Association Newsletter here.

  • 27 May 2021 12:29 PM | Graham Donald (Administrator)

    Due to the current Covid restrictions on event gatherings, the RLCA has to cancel the in person events again for this summer

    Unfortunately that means the Regatta will have to be postponed. Hope to see everyone in 2022!

    The AGM will be a virtual meeting again. Invites to come.

    There will also be a virtual Family Fishing Day on July 3. Keep your eye out for details to come for that event as well.

  • 30 Apr 2021 3:37 PM | Ross Lawrence (Administrator)

    Township of Algonquin Highlands COVID-19 Update - Dorset Tower and Township Boat Launches

    The Township of Algonquin Highlands remains under a declared State of Emergency.

    The Algonquin Highlands Emergency Control Group continues its assessment of the continually-evolving COVID-19 pandemic situation and its potential effects on Algonquin Highlands.

    This update includes information regarding the Dorset Tower and Township Boat Launches.

    Dorset Tower:

    It is anticipated the Dorset Tower will remain closed for the 2021 season; however all efforts will be made to open the property if the Township feels it can meet all the expectations of the HKPR Public Health Unit and can adequately and appropriately provide a safe experience for staff and the public.

    Township Boat Lauches:

    Public access to water including all Township boat launches and Haliburton Highlands Water Trails access points remain open for permitted uses. It is up to the user to ensure that they are following all provincially mandated COVID-19 regulations, which change frequently. For an update on current regulations please visit the Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge District Health Unit website.

  • 30 Sep 2020 8:37 AM | Graham Donald (Administrator)

    Dear Muskoka Seasonal Residents and Cottage Association Members:

    We are seeking your help to complete a short survey on your plans for the upcoming fall and winter seasons. Your feedback and input will help us and the business community better understand what we might expect going forward. The COVID pandemic has placed us all into very new circumstances and we realize travel, work locations and leisure activities are now very different. Please take a moment to complete our short survey (approx. 3 min to complete), it will be open until the end of day, Wednesday, October 7, 2020.

    Together we all share a common love for Muskoka and all of what it has to offer. It is our hope that you will consider spending more time here and we look forward to hearing from you. Should you or anyone have any questions or require any further information on this survey, please contact David Sword of the District Municipality of Muskoka as follows: You can be assured of his interest and enthusiasm.

    Thank you in advance for your time.


    Terry Glover, Mayor, Lake of Bays
    Phil Harding, Mayor, Muskoka Lakes
    Paul Kelly, Mayor, Gravenhurst

  • 21 Sep 2020 5:12 PM | Graham Donald (Administrator)

    The Federation of Ontario Cottagers' Associations (FOCA – of which RLCA is a member), has been campaigning to keep seasonal cottagers' electricity rates down. An update was issued by FOCA recently in response to a recent Ontario Energy Board ruling. Details are here:

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