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All residents of Raven Lake are invited to join the Raven Lake Cottagers' Association.

Why should you join?

Your property on Raven Lake represents a major investment. The Raven Lake Cottagers' Association (RLCA) works on your behalf to help protect property values and the quality of life we all enjoy at Raven Lake, now and in the future.

The annual membership fee is only $40.

Following is a list of some things the RLCA does:

  • Currently developing a plan to secure permanent access and parking for water access property owners at the Highway 35 landing site.
  • Maintain a close relationship with both Lake of Bays and Algonquin Highlands Townships and work with them on many issues such as removing abandoned boats at the landing, repairing and maintaining the public docks, parking lot lighting and maintenance.
  • Establish a positive working relationship with various government agencies and property owner associations such as FOCA and CHA (Federation of Ontario Cottagers’ Associations and Coalition of Haliburton Property Owners’ Associations); and maintain the bylaws that are required of us, as an incorporated Not-For-Profit Organization.
  • Offer an avenue to access other members their experiences and their networks of contractors when in need.
  • Conduct an Annual Meeting which provides members with up to date information regarding current issues, financial information and association business.
  • Maintain a website and a Facebook page.
  • Publish a Spring Newsletter focusing on issues affecting property owners.
  • Organize social events: Regatta, Spring Social, Corn Roast, CPR course, Family Fishing Day.
  • Collect water samples and Secchi-disc readings which are monitored for changes in phosphorus levels and water clarity –key measurements of the health of our lake.
  • Deal with the Unexpected. The ability of the organization to organize rapidly to speak on behalf of the members ensures that when a strong, unified approach is required, the infrastructure already exists.
  • Staying connected also offers all of us a strong communication tool, in a hazardous situation or when damage is done on the lake. For example, power outages, micro bursts etc.

By joining the RLCA you support the work of all the talented and dedicated volunteers of the Raven Lake Cottagers’ Association.

As a RLCA member you are also a member of FOCA which advocates at the federal, provincial and regional levels on priorities that affect waterfront property owners. FOCA can lobby effectively in a way that we, as a small lake association, would not be able to.

Through FOCA you are entitled to special pricing and discount product offers for Cottage Life Magazine, Boating and Places Magazine, Canadian Canoe Museum and Superior Propane As well, RLCA is able to obtain liability insurance in a cost-effective way through FOCA’s broker, Cade Associates Insurance Brokers Ltd.

A copy of the RLCA's Constitution can be found by clicking here.

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